Behind the Mic - Episode 1

Introduction into the Yoga Coach Podcast and a little bit about me.  Enjoy!


Dissolving a Business to Follow My Heart - Episode 2

 In this episode you'll listen to Ange Stopperan talk about dissolving a business to follow her heart.

sacred spaces.jpg

Rituals - Episode 3 

In this Episode of Yoga Coach Podcast you'll listen to Ange Stopperan talk about the importance of rituals, why to practice them, how to create a sacred space in your home, and ritual ideas that may fit your lifestyle.


Fear and How We Disguise It - Episode 5

How we disguise fear and how to use it in a productive way to conquer your life's purpose.





Wylder Wellness - Episode 4

In this episode of the Yoga Coach you'll learn about Wylder Wellness an Organic Probiotic Coffee Company. Co-Founder Brittany Ricketts shares her story about creating a conscious business, health benefits of probiotics, morning rituals, staying focused as an entrepreneur and soul journeys. 


Wildbloom Skincare - Episode 6

In this episode of the Yoga Coach we talk with Heather Anderson the founder and creator of WildBloom Skincare based in Colorado.  As an esthetician who has tested and used hundreds of skincare products she made it her life's mission to create a safe skin care line made of pure, high-quality ingredients that give you beautiful results.