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Chakra Reset and Align | 7 Session Coaching Package 

Your energy field is very important, it holds the essence of who you are.  This 7 session coaching package are for those individuals who are interested in learning a deeper understanding about the Chakra System and your own energetic fields. 

Within your seven sessions, Ange will provide you with a guide for each week, which will discuss the weekly chakra.  Each week you will receive nurturing recipes and food choice suggestions which will coincide with the weekly chakra.  You will also be given a toolbox of guides and information which will help you connect to each chakra including (meditations, breathwork, yoga postures, rituals, crystal and essential oil recommendations which will help balance and align each energy point.  Your package includes seven 60 minute phone coaching sessions with Ange.


$700.00 (when paid in full you'll receive 10% off) * Payment plan options are available