Yoga Coach Podcast Episodes 



Behind the Mic - Episode 1

Introduction into the Yoga Coach Podcast and a little bit about me.  Enjoy!


Dissolving a Business to Follow My Heart - Episode 2

 In this episode you'll listen to Ange Stopperan talk about dissolving a business to follow her heart.

sacred spaces.jpg

Rituals - Episode 3 

In this Episode of Yoga Coach Podcast you'll listen to Ange Stopperan talk about the importance of rituals, why to practice them, how to create a sacred space in your home, and ritual ideas that may fit your lifestyle.


Fear and How We Disguise It - Episode 5

How we disguise fear and how to use it in a productive way to conquer your life's purpose.





Wylder Wellness - Episode 4

In this episode of the Yoga Coach you'll learn about Wylder Wellness an Organic Probiotic Coffee Company. Co-Founder Brittany Ricketts shares her story about creating a conscious business, health benefits of probiotics, morning rituals, staying focused as an entrepreneur and soul journeys.